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Before I became a singer, I wanted to be a librarian. While I think I made the right choice, my love for reading, writing, and learning has never left me. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to merge my passion for the arts with my love for language. 

Want to create something together? Reach out via my contact page. 


Singer Spotlight: Robin Hahn (CS Magazine)

The Dr. Is In: ​​Nipping Seasonal Allergies in the Bud with Dr. Paul Kwak (CS Magazine) 

Singer Spotlight: Chelsea Friedlander (CS Magazine)

Authentic Artistry for Audition Season (CS Magazine)

Much of my writing is uncredited, as part of a marketing strategy for an individual or organization. My clients for this type of work range from opera companies and other arts organizations to thought leaders in the women's empowerment, leadership, and wellness space. Click here to download my portfolio. 

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